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Avon Park, FL—A National Transportation Safety Board investigation found that the wing of a twin-engine plane, which was involved in a triple-fatality aviation accident during a Nov. 17 Air Force training mission, detached prior to the wreck. The NTSB confirmed Monday, Nov. 29, 2010, that the aircraft “impacted terrain following an in-flight separation of the wing,” as reported by ABC Action News.

According to information provided, three people were on board a twin-engine Cessna plane when one of the aircraft’s wings separated from the fuselage. The plane then crashed in close proximity to the Avon Park Bombing Range, killing all three occupants.

“Two sections of the right wing were found 800 feet northwest of the main wreckage impact crater,” the NTSB report stated.

While the victims’ identities were not disclosed, reports indicated the flight crew consisted of civilians who were employed as contractors with Special Operations Command out of MacDill Air Force Base.

The aircraft initially departed from Avon Park-based MacDill Air Force Base Auxiliary Field. The NTSB report noted, “The purpose of the flight was to provide aerial support to an Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) training exercise.”

Data provided by the NTSB indicated there were a total of 1,474 general aviation accidents, 272 of which were fatal, reported during the year 2009. A total of 474 people lost their lives in those particular aircraft wrecks.

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