SUV Crashes Into Cumberland Farms Store in Chicopee, Kills Woman

11/30/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Springfield, MA—An out-of-control SUV slammed into a Chicopee-area Cumberland Farms, leaving a 43-year-old woman dead on Sunday morning, November 28, 2010. The fatal automobile accident occurred around 11:38 a.m., at the intersection of Front Street and Grove Street, as reported by WWLP.

The SUV reportedly crashed through the building of the convenience store and continued until the vehicle was completely inside the store.

A total of four people, including the driver, age 81, were involved in the crash. The 43-year-old woman, who was killed, was reportedly a customer at the store.

Responding emergency crews rushed another customer, the driver and the store clerk to the hospital for treatment of injuries they sustained in the accident.

The elderly driver of the SUV has not been charged for the accident at this time.

A new Massachusetts law, which went into effect on September 30, requires anyone over the age of 75 to pass a regular cognitive and physical screenings every three years. The driver of the SUV will be required to take and pass the screenings.

Investigations are underway.

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