Pelzer SC Injury News: CT Scan Detects Open Safety Pin in Child’s Sinus Cavity

Pelzer SC Injury News: CT Scan Detects Open Safety Pin in Child’s Sinus Cavity


11/24/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Pelzer, SC—A young girl who suffered headaches, nosebleeds and ear infections for years, without explanation, discovered that a safety pin had likely been lodged in her sinus cavity for years. A Nov. 23, 2010 WYFF4 report indicated that over a span of several years, the South Carolina parents took their daughter to see countless doctors in an attempt to figure out what was causing their 6-year-old to experience such discomfort.

According to the child’s mother, Susan McCarter, “I am still in shock. We don’t know how it happened… I couldn’t say anything. It just broke my heart.”

Mrs. McCarter reportedly took her daughter to see countless medical professionals, though none were able to determine the root of Alexis’ symptoms. It wasn’t until Alexis underwent a CT scan at the Medical University of South Carolina that doctors realized a safety pin had become lodged in her sinus cavity.

MUSC doctors appeared to believe Alexis stuck the safety pin up her nose when she was only an infant. After time passed, the safety pin likely maneuvered its way into her sinus cavity, where it opened and became stuck.

Although Mrs. McCarter contended her daughter has been a trooper despite her reoccurring headaches, nose bleeds and ear infections, the young girl allegedly asks for an icepack to ease her pain on a nightly basis.

Alexis McCarter is expected to undergo an operation to remove the safety pin at a Charleston hospital on Dec. 7. Though the procedure could take as little as 30 minutes to complete, it, like any other surgery, carries its risks.

“My biggest concern is a brain drip. Doctors said it was a possibility,” said McCarter.

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