Miami Injury Lawyers News: Months after Amusement Park Fall Teen Leaves Hospital

Miami Injury Lawyers News: Months after Amusement Park Fall Teen Leaves Hospital


11/22/2010 // Coral Gables, FL, USA // Grossman Roth // Stuart Z. Grossman, Miami Injury Lawyer

More than 90 days after falling 100 feet from an amusement park ride, 13-year-old Teagan Marti has been released from a Florida hospital, report the Miami injury lawyers at Grossman Roth.

While the young girl has made remarkable progress—her very survival is near-miraculous—she faces a long, difficult rehabilitation as her parents and Grossman Roth, her Miami-based injury and child safety attorneys, demand accountability for the tragedy.

Teagan was severely hurt July 30 when a park operator at Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells released her from the top of a freefall-like ride before confirming that a safety net had deployed to catch her. Instead, she plummeted unprotected to the ground below and suffered massive injuries, including 10 fractures in her spine, a crushed pelvis, loss of blood to her head, and chipped teeth.

For more than a month Teagan lay in a Wisconsin hospital bed, unable to sit up or eat solid food. When transferred back to her native Florida in September, her muscle strength was rated zero, on a scale of zero to five.

After Teagan’s return to Florida, her Miami injury lawyers at Grossman Roth—a firm that has helped many other families recover in catastrophic personal injury and child safety cases—obtained a confidential settlement with Extreme World, which is now pending court approval.

Although Teagan has made remarkable progress, she still cannot walk, and doctors are unsure if she ever will. But her muscles have regained some strength and, on the zero-to-five scale, they now rate a two. Even so, she still faces a long rehabilitation ahead.

Her parents remain hopeful. Since Teagan’s spinal cord was stretched and not severed, it’s possible she may, at some point, regain full mobility, according to her doctors. While she must use a motorized wheelchair to get around, Teagan can now sit on an exercise bicycle and pedal. But no one knows exactly how much mobility she will ultimately recover—and how long the healing process will take.

Her doctors say that just being able to return home marks significant progress. Meanwhile, Teagan’s lawyers at Grossman Roth are making progress, too, in their fight to assign responsibility for the tragedy—and obtain the compensation that will ensure Teagan gets the medical care she needs.

Attorney Stuart Grossman, a partner at Grossman Roth, has investigators in Germany tracking down the ride’s manufacturer, a company that has gone out of business. The ride did not have a fail-safe feature that would have prevented Teagan from falling without a safety net in place.

Teagan’s rehabilitation won’t be easy, but with support from her family, friends, and lawyers she will get the encouragement and resources she needs to, once again, live her life to the fullest.

This news story was brought to you by the Miami injury lawyers at Grossman Roth, fighting for those needlessly injured by the negligence of others for three decades

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