Serious Injury Hazard: Pogo Sticks Sold at The Sports Authority Recalled

Serious Injury Hazard: Pogo Sticks Sold at The Sports Authority Recalled


11/18/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Budd Lake, NJ—Sportcraft Ltd., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, voluntarily recalled Classic Sport Super Bounce Pogo Sticks due to a risk of serious injury. The CPSC announced the product safety recall, which affects about 3,100 units, on Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010.

The New Jersey-based distributor recalled the product upon discovering that the aluminum rivets on the pogo stick’s frame tubes have the potential to break, which can cause the support clamp to detach and release the spring.

If this occurs, consumers using the pogo sticks run the risk of suffering lacerations and/or fall-related injuries. The company received word of three instances in which the pogo sticks malfunctioned. Two of those incidents left users with injuries that required medical attention.

According to the CPSC news release, “This recall involves Classic Sport Super Bounce pogo sticks. The pogo sticks are silver and blue with “Classic Sport” printed on the front. This recall involves pogo sticks manufactured in February 2010 that have Sportcraft identification number 4112777F19414-02/10 printed on a tracking label on the base of the foot pedals.”

The defective Classic Sport Super Bounce Pogo Sticks were sold exclusively at The Sports Authority stores nationwide. They were on the market from April 2010 through October 2010 and cost approximately $40.

Consumers have been urged to cease use of the dangerous pogo sticks and return them to any The Sports Authority store to obtain a full refund of $39.99 plus tax.

Individuals with questions or concerns were advised to contact Sportcraft at (800) 526-0244 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or visit the company’s Web site at

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