Phenix City AL Animal Attack: Boy, 5, Dies After Being Mauled by Pack of Dogs

Phenix City AL Animal Attack: Boy, 5, Dies After Being Mauled by Pack of Dogs


11/17/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Phenix City, AL—A child died after as many as a dozen dogs attacked him in East Alabama Monday afternoon, November 15, 2010. According to information provided by WTVM, the 5-year-old boy suffered fatal injuries after being mauled by the pack of dogs, which are not believed to be wild, at a Phenix City home after 1 p.m.

Russell County Coroner Arthur Sumbry said he believed the group of 12 dogs might have escaped from a fenced-in area prior to the brutal attack. Cason Bryant, 5, reportedly suffered numerous bite marks when the pack of aggressive dogs approached him at a home on McElvey Road.

The young child was rushed to an area hospital, though his severe wounds proved fatal shortly after. Bryant was sadly pronounced dead around 2:30 p.m.

Sarah Baxter, a friend of the victim’s family, said the boy’s mother, Jennifer Bryant is heartbroken by her loss. “She says she just want to wake up and just be a dream. The father is beyond grief right now,” Baxter contended.

Sumbry stressed the importance of keeping a watchful eye on children, particularly in households where pets are present. “I have a child myself, 6-years-old, and I have dogs… It just makes you be more aware of your child or children around pets,” Sumbry said.

“They’re pets, but never should any pet be left unsupervised anytime. My heart goes out to that family,” the county’s coroner added.

The dogs were all captured and taken to Auburn University, where they were expected to be used for research and then euthanized.

Additionally, the Cason Bryant Memorial Fund was set up in commemoration of the young boy. Donations are accepted and appreciated at any Wells Fargo or Columbus Bank and Trust.

Investigations into the fatal dog attack continue.

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