Tacoma WA Medical Negligence: Boy, 6, Given Double Dose of Post-Op Meds

11/16/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Tacoma, WA—The family of a 6-year-old surgical patient who was mistakenly given a double dose of medication during post-op care is considering possible medical malpractice litigation, according to a Nov. 10, 2010 KOMO News report. The drug mix-up occurred after the young boy underwent an emergency appendectomy at Tacoma’s Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital two weeks ago.

Reports indicated Destiny Brown took her son, Jay to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital after he became ill and began experiencing excruciating pains in his abdomen. “He was feeling sick, and wasn’t eating, and throwing up,” Brown explained.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Jay underwent an emergency operation to remove his appendix. However, it wasn’t until after the surgery that his condition began to deteriorate.

It appears that a pair of nurses had a mis-communication, prompting them to administer Jay’s medication at two different times.

Jay’s mother contended, “After surgery he was fine… And then later on that evening he couldn’t eat or stand up or walk or anything, and that’s when we realize something had gone wrong.”

The medical blunder caused internal bleeding and forced doctors to operate on Jay for a second time. “He’s hooked up to a lot of tubes… He’s very helpless… Overall, he made it through surgery, so I’m hoping for the best,” Brown noted.

Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital released a statement in connection with the incident, which read as follows:

“We are sorry that this error occurred, and we are looking closely into the circumstances and thoroughly evaluating our processes… and what additional safety measures need to be implemented to prevent this in the future.”

Investigations into the Tacoma overdose incident, as well as a possible medical negligence lawsuit, are expected to be in the works.

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