Rene Perras’ Lawyer Marketing Tip: Keep an Eye on Twitter Stream Ads

Rene Perras’ Lawyer Marketing Tip: Keep an Eye on Twitter Stream Ads


11/16/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

Lawyer Marketing News: Twitter executives are sitting on the edge of their seats as they roll out their newest advertising effort and submit it for consumer testing. Twitter is now publishing advertisements in individual user’s Twitter feeds, also known as timelines and streams. The new feature has been exclusively unveiled through a popular third-party client, HootSuite, which is a multi-stream dashboard that manages multiple social networks on one easy interface.

Many advertisers are confident that the Twitter stream ads will be successful, as longstanding Twitter advertisers like Virgin, Starbucks and Red Bull have already bought into this new service. The ads Twitter users will be finding in their streams are based on the keywords for the kinds of people and products that the user follows.

If this new advertising platform takes off, it can mean limitless visibility of your brand to consumers. Law firms and attorneys should get in on this form of social media advertising if it proves successful in testing. But, the key is to keep your ads engaging and interesting with some knowledge that potential clients can take with them, rather than the boring and typical “Need a Lawyer? Hire Us!” ads.

The trick will be getting your message across in a limited space. Frankly, these “advertising tweets” are infiltrating a Twitter user’s feed and may come off as annoying to the user. But, that can be avoided if you make your ad engaging, interesting and give the user something to take with them, as well as keeping your stream ads from blasting users walls repetitively. Generation Y heavily uses Twitter, so remember who you are speaking to. As I reported in a previous article, “Law Firm Marketing: Embrace ‘Generation Y’ and ‘LOL’ All the way to the Bank!” Generation Y wants an experience, not another standard “If you’ve been hurt” ad; they will only be turned off, and forget your name when they really need an attorney.

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