Employment Law Issue: Addressing Short-timers’ Syndrome

/cdklawyers.com// 11/14/2010

A resigning employee typically gives an employer two weeks’ notice.  The employee then uses the notice period to wrap up projects and to answer questions while the employer either hires a replacement or divides the employee’s responsibilities among remaining employees.  But, unfortunately, some employees suffer from “short-timers’ syndrome” and lose any motivation to complete meaningful work after giving notice.  In Texas, as a general rule, an employer can address this problem simply by accepting the employee’s resignation prior to the expiration of the two week notice period. 

If an employer plans to dismiss an employee within the two week period prior to the stated quit date, the employer, of course, should pay the employee for all hours worked and should honor its employment policies and any prior agreements.  Additionally, depending on the particular circumstances, an employer may wish to offer the employee separation pay, conditioned on the employee’s release of any claims against the employer that arose prior to the separation date.   

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