Grant MI Dog Bite Law: Young Teen Requires Nearly a Dozen Stitches After Attack

11/09/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Grant, MI—A 13-year-old boy suffered bite wounds when he was attacked by a pit bull while playing basketball in Grant, Mich. According to a November 5, 2010 WZZM report, a brave teenager was credited for the victim’s rescue.

Ishmael Melton, his 12-year-old brother Solomon, and 11-year-old sister Ariana were playing basketball near their Grant home when a pit bull approached them. Though the siblings quickly attempted to evade the aggressive dog, Ishmael was unable to do so successfully.

“It was very scary… I never felt anything like that before… It got into my legs and tripped me… I started to wrestle and it got very mean and started to bite me. I had to get five stitches in this wound and six right here,” Ishmael explained as he showed reporters his injuries.

Reports indicated Ariana Melton ran off and began yelling for someone to come help her distressed brother. She eventually noticed 16-year-old Ivan Kern and his unidentified friend and asked them to assist her.

“I didn’t know what to do, I just knew I had to get it off of him,” said Kern, adding, “I had to punch it in the jaw and then it released.”

Reports did not specify whether medical crews rushed Ishmael to the hospital, or if his parents transported him after the brutal dog attack. Nevertheless, doctors were forced to use almost 12 stitches to close his wounds.

The pit bull belonged to unidentified non-English speaking residents, who allegedly told their neighbors that the dog managed to escape through an open door.

Neighbor Jim Settles alleged, “She was setting the trash out and the dog ran past her… They never had a problem with him before. He’s never bit anybody.”

Animal control personnel took the dog into custody, stating it will be detained for 10 days, as rabies tests are pending.

As for Ishmael’s parents, they did not seem to want the dog in the area. “I don’t want it back here… Right now my kids are afraid to walk home from school,” said Rachel Melton, mother of the three children.

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