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As the final months of 2010 come around, many employers may be thinking ahead to 2011.  The coming new year provides a chance for an employer to reflect on which company policies are working (or not working) and to verify that its policies comply with all applicable laws.  Reviewing and updating an employee handbook at this point in the year also positions an employer to roll out new policies around the first of 2011.  The first of the year is usually a good time for an employer to roll out new policies since many employees anticipate changes around that time.  Additionally, an employer increases the likelihood that its policies will be understood and followed by its employees by frequently reviewing its policies with its employees.

Hiring employment law counsel to review and update an employee handbook helps ensure not only that an employer’s ideas comply with legal requirements but also that the employer’s existing policies reflect changes warranted by new legislation or amendments to employment laws. 

The Dallas employment lawyers at Clouse Dunn Khoshbin LLP regularly draft and update employee handbooks and related documents.  For assistance with creating or updating an employee handbook, please contact the employment law attorneys at [email protected].

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