7-year-old Leaves an Albuquerque School; Mother Finds Him in Intersection

7-year-old Leaves an Albuquerque School; Mother Finds Him in Intersection


11/05/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Albuquerque, NM—A 7-year-old wandered from school and was found his parents, who just happened to be running errands that day. Now they are demanding changes at the school, as no one seemingly noticed that the boy was missing from school, as reported by KOAT.

Gabriel Lucero’s parents sent him to the La Luz Elementary School last week, when he left school without anyone noticing to go to his grandmother’s house.

As Gabriel’s parents were running errands that day, they spotted him crossing the busy Fourth Street and Montano Road intersection, which is about a half mile away from his school.

“He ran across the median and didn’t look where he was going. The car barley missed him. It went right around him,” stated Gabriel’s mother, Sarah Garcia.

Sarah immediately took her son back to school, where the school staff admitted that they didn’t even know he had left the school grounds.

Gabriel’s parents are demanding new polices at the school. “Inform each other that there are children being sent from the classroom to the office, and they should at least have them escorted”, asserted Gabriel’s mother.

Albuquerque Public School officials are looking into the incident.

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