Newark MD 4-Vehicle Collision Kills 4 Family Members, Injures 5

11/05/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Newark, MD—A four-vehicle crash Monday night, November 1, 2010, claimed the lives of four family members and left five others injured. Maryland State Police stated a family was traveling along U.S. 13, en route from Virginia Beach, Va., to their home in Bronx, N.Y., when the multiple-fatality collision occurred in Newark, Md., according to Delaware Online.

Witness and police reports indicated 53-year-old Carmelo A. Dominguez was driving his 2009 Nissan Cube northbound on U.S. 13 at excessive speeds Monday night. Dominguez allegedly sped around vehicles in no-passing zones near Langmaid Road when something went wrong.

Dominguez reportedly went over the centerline and proceeded to drive in the oncoming traffic lanes while attempting to pass a 2000 Peterbuilt semi truck, driven by Leroy Trader, 54. He was unsuccessful in doing so, consequently smashing head-on into a 2009 Honda CRV, driven by Mary M. Jones, 41.

The Nissan then slammed into the side of the tractor-trailer before being propelled into the air and flipping onto the roof of a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta, driven by Daniel H. Nelson, 23.

According to Sgt. Christopher M. Davala, the Nissan Cube sustained extensive damage in the violent wreck. “It was very tough to identify the vehicle,” he said.

Dominguez and six family members were occupying the Nissan at the time. Of those seven occupants, only three survived. Those killed in the wreck included Carmelo Dominguez; his wife, Evelyn E. Morales, 48; their daughter, Natasha E. Dominguez, 23; and their young grandson, Jose, 2.

The remaining three family members were reportedly rushed to Salisbury and Baltimore-area hospitals to be treated for unspecified injuries.

Jones, driver of the Honda CRV, was transported to Salisbury-based Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Also, Volkswagen driver Nelson was airlifted to the Baltimore’s University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. As of Tuesday, both Jones and Nelson remained hospitalized with undisclosed injuries.

Trader, driver of the semi-truck involved, managed to escape injury in the four-vehicle wreck. It was not clear if accident investigations were completed.

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