San Francisco Bans the ‘Happy’ in McDonald’s Happy Meals

11/04/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

San Francisco, CA—McDonald’s Happy Meals just got a lot less “happy” in the San Francisco area, after the board of supervisors approved a measure, which would ban restaurants from offering a free toy with meals that contain more than the approved levels of calories, sugar and fat, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The ordinance, which is scheduled to take effect December 2011, would also require restaurants to provide fruits and vegetables with all meals for children that come with toys. If the meals contain less than 600 calories, and if less than 35% of the calories come from fat, restaurants can include a toy with the meal.

“We’re part of a movement that is moving forward an agenda of food justice,” said Supervisor Eric Mar, the sponsor the ordinance. “From San Francisco to New York City, the epidemic of childhood obesity in this country is making our kids sick, particularly kids from low income neighborhoods, at an alarming rate. It’s a survival issue and a day-to-day issue.”

McDonalds fired back by stating, “We are extremely disappointed with today’s decision. Its not what our customers want, nor is it something they asked for.”

“Public opinion continues to be overwhelmingly against this misguided legislation,” McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud said. “Parents tell us it’s their right and responsibility — not the government’s — to make their own decisions and to choose what’s right for their children.”

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