Mexico Plane Crash: 4 American Volunteers Killed in Aviation Accident

Mexico Plane Crash: 4 American Volunteers Killed in Aviation Accident


10/19/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Ensenada, Mexico—A small plane occupied four Americans on a medical mission crashed Friday, October 15, 2010, as it was en route to the Mexican state of Baja California. All four people aboard the aircraft, which included a plastic surgeon, doctor, non-medical support staffer and pilot, were sadly killed in the aviation accident, as reported by CNN.

According to Victor Jones, president of the volunteer organization Flying Samaritans, Roger Lyon was piloting a Beechcraft A36 plane when it lost contact with air traffic controllers Friday afternoon.

The aircraft apparently departed from Ensenada and crashed in northwestern Mexico, approximately 30 miles south of the city, located along the Pacific coast. The plane lost contact with the ground a mere 10 miles from the airport.

Jones reported the wrecked plane was only found Saturday, “after an extensive ground, air and water search.” It was headed to San Quintin, Mexico and was scheduled to take part in a medical mission in Baja California.

Lyon, along with three additional Americans, James Thornton, a plastic surgeon; Graciela Sarmiento, a doctor; and Andrew Theil, a non-medical support staffer, suffered fatal injuries in the Mexico plane crash. They were all Flying Samaritans volunteers, who provide complimentary medical aid and supplies to individuals without access to them.

The cause of the Mexico aviation accident remains unknown. Investigations are expected to be underway.

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