Parents of Man Gunned Down by Police Contact New York Civil Rights Lawyer

10/20/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Mount Pleasant, NY—The parents of a 20-year-old Pace football player appear to be considering lawsuits against the police department and officers involved in the Mount Pleasant shooting that ended his life. The victim’s parents contacted a civil rights attorney after police allegedly gunned down their son early Sunday, October 18, 2010, as reported by WPIX.

According to information provided, Pace student D.J. Henry was moving his vehicle away from a “rowdy” group of people who were situated on the curb outside Thornwood-based Finnegan’s Grill, when he was approached by a police officer.

Police and a passenger in Henry’s vehicle, Brandon Cox, have provided conflicting reports as to what happened before shots were fired.

Brandon Cox alleged Henry believed the officers wanted him to move his vehicle out of the fire lane when he pulled away from the curb.

Cox also contended the police deputies were exceptionally hostile when pulling their guns on them. A bullet apparently clipped Cox, though he managed to survive. Henry was not so fortunate.

The Mt. Pleasant Police Department, on the other hand, alleged Henry was driving belligerently before grazing an officer with his car and pinning another to the hood of a vehicle. They claimed they only drew their firearms after concluding that their lives were in danger.

Nonetheless, Cox added, “We did not do anything to deserve this… In my mind, what went on. There was no need for that.”

The police officers involved, Pleasantville Police Officer Aaron Hess and Mt. Pleasant Police Officer Ronald Beckley, were placed on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation.

Henry’s parents have contacted a Westchester County civil rights attorney and are apparently considering possible lawsuits in connection with the fatal shooting.

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