Wheat Ridge Harassment: Car Salesman Sent Woman Lewd Text Messages

10/15/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Wheat Ridge, CO—A car salesman is being accused to sending lewd photos to a client, who returned to the dealership after having problems with the car she just purchased. An arrest warrant for the salesman has since been issued by Aurora police, as reported by The Denver Channel.

In late August, Doris Walker bought a car from Buy Direct Autoz in Wheat Ridge, but began to have trouble with the vehicle in September, prompting her to return to the dealership.

While Walker was at the dealership, she met a salesman who identified himself as “Billy.”

Walker recalled, “He said a few times to me, he said ‘I wouldn’t mind taking you out’….and ‘I think your hot.’” Walker replied by stating, “You know, I think is inappropriate. I didn’t take him very seriously…I was already stressed out going there by myself.”

On Sept. 21, Walker received four photos from the salesman on her cell phone, which depicted a man holding an erect penis.

This began to worry Walker because the dealership not only had her cell phone number; they have her information, Social Security number, banking information. She never gave the salesman her phone number directly.

The owner of the dealership told 7NEWS that Billy isn’t a “true employee.” He had apparently wrecked his car and couldn’t pay for it, so he was working at the dealership translating for Spanish customers.

Police believe that 18-year-old Claudio Castaneda-Guillermo was the one who sent the pictures to Walker’s phone. An arrest warrant has been issued for a charge of harassment through telephone threats or obscenities, which is a city misdemeanor.

Billy is no longer working at the dealership.

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