Syracuse NY Injury Lawyer News: Megabus Driver Took Wrong Turn Before Wreck

10/04/2010 // New York, NY, US // Jonathan C. Reiter // New York City bus accident attorney Jonathan C. Reiter

Syracuse, NY (Syracuse NY Injury Lawyer News)—Four people tragically lost their lives when the Megabus they were riding in crashed en route from Philadelphia to Toronto. The fatal bus accident occurred Saturday, September 25, 2010 on the Onondaga Lake Parkway in upstate New York and left an additional 25 victims with various injuries. Reports stated the driver of the double-decker bus allegedly took the wrong exit before crashing into a CSX bridge crossing. However, updated information provided by the Philadelphia Inquirer seemed to indicate there have been at least four additional instances in which Megabus drivers have taken wrong turns while traveling the Toronto – Philadelphia route.

The Coach USA-owned Megabus reportedly departed from Philadelphia around 10 p.m. on Friday. While the bus was supposed to arrive in Toronto around 7:15 a.m. Saturday, after making stops in Syracuse and Buffalo, it never made it. John Tomaszewski, the driver of the double-decker bus, apparently exited Interstate 81 North before missing the turn for the bus depot. While Tomaszewski relied on his GPS system to provide him with adequate directions to compensate for his error, the GPS failed to mention that he was headed towards a CSX a low railroad overpass. The bridge had a clearance of 10 feet, 9 inches. However, the bus was 13 feet, 9 inches tall. The results were deadly.

Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh contended that while there were flashing yellow lights in place as a means of warning drivers of the low bridge, “Obviously the driver didn’t see the signs or didn’t realize the height of his bus, that the double-decker bus wouldn’t fit under that bridge.” Although Megabus would not confirm that there were indeed other occurrences in which its bus drivers got lost during their travels, passengers claimed otherwise. Investigations into the fatal Syracuse Megabus crash continue.

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