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Kansas City, MO—A bicyclist was injured on his birthday after a car struck him in close proximity to 30th and Holmes streets. To make matters worse, the victim’s bike was reportedly stolen while he lay injured near the roadway, according to a September 23, 2010 Fox4KC report.

“At first I was like ‘Crap, I just got hit by a car,’ so I didn’t feel anything…I was just in shock, and I started to get up and looked at my legs and started screaming ‘Oh my god’,” said 27-year-old Mike Hardy, the bicyclist involved in the traffic accident.

Hardy was apparently riding his bike when a car hit him, causing him roll over the vehicle’s hood and onto the sidewalk. He was reportedly on his way to meet up with his girlfriend to celebrate his birthday when the crash occurred.

Witnesses at the scene of the collision subsequently began to tend to the injured bicyclist. However, the dash cam of a police car at the scene shows one bystander stealing Hardy’s bike as he lay bumped and bruised at the crash scene.

Hardy alleged, “They’re all huddled around me, and then later on it shows them taking the bike… It’s bizarre… It was a pretty low thing to do.” He went on to note that the bicycle cost him $1,200 to build, adding that he intended to use it in races.

“It was a special bike because I put it together myself, and took a lot of time doing that,” he said.

Reports did not specify if any charges were filed in connection with the accident. Nonetheless, investigations are expected to be underway.

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