Gillette WY Medical Malpractice Suit: Hospital Sued Over Undiagnosed Neck Injury

10/03/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Gillette, WY—A Las Vegas man filed a $5 million medical malpractice lawsuit against a Gillette-based hospital, claiming doctors failed to diagnose his neck injury prior to releasing his from the medical center. The plaintiff was apparently rushed to Campbell County Memorial Hospital after suffering injuries in a December 2008 rollover accident, according to information provided by the Gillette News Record.

Louis Prager, 53, who alleges he was released from the hospital with an undiagnosed broken neck, filed the medical malpractice lawsuit in federal District Court last month.

The lawsuit contends Prager was taken to Campbell County Memorial Hospital after crashing his truck along Highway 59 in 2008. Prager suffered various injuries as a result of the rollover crash.

The defendant in the case, Dr. Brian Cullison, reportedly performed a CT scan of Prager’s head and spine and subsequently released him from the hospital. However, Dr. Cullison failed to perform an x-ray of Prager’s neck.

Four days after his visit to the hospital, Prager reportedly woke up with intense pain in his arm and shoulder. It was only after seeing a second ER doctor and undergoing additional tests that he realized he had broken his neck in the accident.

Given that he did not receive immediate treatment, he also suffered permanent nerve damage in his arm and shoulder. Prager then had to undergo surgery to prevent further nerve damage. The lawsuit claims Prager has been unable to work since the accident.

The case continues.

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