Kentucky Workplace Accident: Flash Fire Burned 4 Workers at Kingsford Plant

09/27/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Burnside, KY—Four people were burned in a flash fire at a Pulaski County plant on Friday, September 24, 2010, when particle-size charcoal ignited as the workers were using torches. The flash fire occurred at Kingsford Manufacturing Co., just before noon near Burnside, as reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader.

According to officials, four workers were using cutting torches and welding equipment while fixing a conveyor belt on a catwalk, atop of four-story metal silos, which store the charcoal briquettes before being shipped. A spark from the torches and welding equipment ignited a small pile of particle-sized charcoal, which caused a short flash of fire.

The manager of Kingsford Manufacturing Co. plant Tom Burenpas said, “It went poof. That was it… Apparently we had a hazard that went unidentified.”

The four workers sustained burns to their upper bodies, but they managed to help one another climb down a flight of stairs and walk over to a nearby building. The four workers were identified as Dana Mayrand, Terry King, Gayson Roberts and Jamie Dancy, who are all local residents.

They were airlifted by helicopter to the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital for treatment. Mayrand and Roberts are listed in critical condition as of Friday night. Darcy was listed in serious condition.

A full investigation into the flash fire is underway.

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