Law Firm Marketing News: User-Generated Content Packs A Bigger Punch With Google

Law Firm Marketing News: User-Generated Content Packs A Bigger Punch With Google


09/16/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

CEPAC’s state-of-the art law firm marketing technology just got an added boost to their already powerful and SEO integrated attorney newsrooms and lawyer websites, as Google added recent features, which will give user-generated content more impact on the Internet.

Adding customer reviews, articles, blogs, press releases, and questions and answers to your law firm website can help potential clients find their way to your website with the help of Google Caffeine.

The recent features added by Google will give more weight to fresh user-generated content. Each time that your content is changed, added to, or updated on your law firm website; Google Caffeine will consider the updates as new content, allowing for better placement and relevancy in search engine results pages (SERP). In addition, adding “integrated blogging” or snippets of other client case studies or testimonials can help improve search engine results on the Web.

A recent article featured on Clickz said, “It makes sense that consistently adding consumer reviews, stories, questions and answers helps people find the right products on a site…By paying close attention to how user-generate content is arranged and displayed, its impact can have an even bigger impact on Google search results.”

CEPAC’s law firm newsrooms center around user-generated content, which is published on the newsroom by the law firm including firm updates, commentary, news articles, press releases, and other content that attorneys choose to add. These private label attorney newsrooms, complete with a search engine optimization feature, allow your law firm’s message to be heard across the web with the push of a button.

The powerful online legal newsroom product, Smart News Technology, gives your law firm the best chance for pickup on search sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Virtually no other product offers attorneys and law firms this exclusive ability to establish high visibility and improve search engine and website rankings.

Thanks to the added boost from Google Caffeine these “user-generated” lawyer newsrooms will help create the high visibility, ranking and positioning in the search engine “real estate” your law firm is seeking to achieve. Attorneys and law firms who continuously blog, update or add new content will benefit the most from Google Caffeine and these cutting-edge newsrooms.

CEPAC, a lawyer marketing and legal advertising agency, offers top-notch lawyer marketing services like newsrooms, social media and advertising campaigns, along with more the more traditional lawyer marketing approaches including television, radio and print advertising.

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