Edward M. Swartz, Personal Injury Lawyer and Toy Safety Watch Dog, Dies at 76

09/10/2010 // White Plains, New York, USA // Calano & Culhane // Thomas A. Culhane, Esq.

Personal injury lawyer and product liability attorney, Edward M. Swartz, dubbed the ‘Nader of the Nursery’, died last week of congestive heart failure. Swartz, a nationally known toy safety advocate, personal injury lawyer and product liability attorney, founded “World Against Toys Causing Harm” which publishes the ’10 Worst Toys List’. His legacy includes an arsenal of tools to help ensure that the toys we buy for our children this holiday season are safe. There are other sources available to help make sure that the toys we buy are safe and do not pose an unintended risk to our children.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that in 2008 there were an estimated 235,300 toy-related injuries that required a trip to the hospital emergency room. When shopping for toys this holiday season be sure that you are purchasing age appropriate gifts. When preparing your list keep the following in mind:

1) Check the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Toy Hazard Recall list at http://cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/category/toy.html Although toys on this list are supposed to be removed from store shelves some slip through the cracks. Also check that you do not own any toys on the list. You can subscribe to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall list by visiting www.cpsc.gov/

2) Read the label. Make sure the toy is age appropriate but don’t just rely on the label. Many experts recommend adding a year for children younger than 7 to be on the safe side. Also consider the individual child’s stage of development and maturity level.

3) If you’re considering a ride-on toy be sure to include the appropriate safety equipment, such as a helmet.

4) If you have children of various ages remember that toys for older children can pose a danger to younger siblings.

By doing appropriate research and using common sense many toy related injuries can be avoided. Let’s all work together to help ensure a safe and joyous holiday season.

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