Gloucester VA Injury News: Former High School Student Hurt In Fight Awarded $5M

Gloucester VA Injury News: Former High School Student Hurt In Fight Awarded $5M


09/08/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Gloucester, VA—A jury awarded a former Gloucester High School student $5 million after he sustained permanent injuries in a fight at school. The verdict was announced Friday, August 27, 2010, just one day after a two-week trial concerning the lunchtime scuffle came to a close, according to information provided by the Daily Press.

Reports indicated Gregory Gagnon suffered severe injuries when James Newsome assaulted him on December 14, 2006. Newsome reportedly punched Gagnon, causing him to hit his head on a brick pillar. As a result, Gagnon suffered injuries including “permanent, traumatic epilepsy and impaired sleep and other brain-related disorders.”

The jury contended that since Newsome’s punch left Gagnon with irreversible injuries, he should be required to pay the plaintiff $3.25 million.

The jury also stated James’ sister, Christine Newsome, should have to pay $500,000 because she allegedly pushed her brother to go through with the fight.

The jury also determined Gloucester High School assistant principle Travis Burns was partially liable for Gagnon’s injuries. Given that Burns was warned of the potential for a fight only a few hours prior to the brawl, he could be forced to pay $1.25 in damages. Burns is reportedly covered by the Gloucester Public School insurance carrier.

Reports also stated Gagnon was awarded interest in the case, which could elevate damages to a whopping $6.25 million.

An attorney representing the plaintiff alleged that since the defense pulled all of their expert witnesses, “It was an implicit concession that what our experts said was correct, or else they would have been there.”

The personal injury lawyer maintained, “”He is permanently, significantly impaired.” It was not yet known if the defense would attempt to appeal the jury’s decision.

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