Boston Injury Accident: Freak Accident Injured Man As He Watched Fire

09/08/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Boston, MA—A freak accident injured a Somerville man on September 7, 2010, when a fire hose broke away, knocking down a sign, causing the sign to shoot into the air and strike the man as he stuck his head outside his window to watch a nearby fire, as reported by

Officials reported that Baljit Singh, 49, is recovering at the Massachusetts General Hospital following the freak accident.

Singh stuck his head out of his house to watch a fire at his neighbor’s house on Fisk Avenue, when he was hit in the head by the airborne sign. According to officials, the first fire truck that arrived at the blaze attached a hose to a fire hydrant around the corner from the house. When a second fire truck arrived at the scene it drove over the hose, which caused it to get caught between two wheels, wrapping the hose around the axle. The hose was pulled tight by the truck, causing the hydrants to be ripped 145 degrees around before the hose broke off. The hose then hit and took down the Fisk Avenue sign, a chain link fence and a street cleaning sign. The street cleaning sign then struck Singh.

Singh was rushed to the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is in fair condition.

Somerville police officials are investigating the accident.

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