Gym, Tan & Lawsuits: Jersey Shore Sued over Boardwalk Assault

08/30/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Seaside Heights, NJ—The cast of Jersey Shore has once again “fist-pumped” their way back into the courtroom. The newest lawsuit was filed by a New Jersey woman who claims that she was thrown to the ground and ruffed up by the show’s security staff, as reported by NBC Philadelphia and the Daily Record.

The plaintiff, who is only identified as J.P., claims that the Jersey Shore’s security team threw her to the ground during the taping of an episode, causing her to cut her chin. Apparently, the confrontation occurred after an incident with Snookie Polizzi. The plaintiff and Polizzi reportedly exchanged words, when the security guards grabbed her and wrestled her away, and threw her onto the boardwalk.

The plaintiff claims that the incident left her with a “gaping gash that has left her scarred permanently.”

J.P. filed the lawsuit against everyone involved in the altercation: MTV, the shows production company, 496 Productions, and the entire “fist-pumping” cast. The lawsuit claims that the incident occurred on the same evening that Ronnie Margo-Ortiz knocked another man unconscious, resulting in his arrest.

With the recent string of litigation, the Jersey Shore cast should just change their acronym, GTL to: gym, tan and lawsuits.

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