McMinnville OR Injury: 31 Football Players Sick, 9 Hospitalized During Camp

08/23/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

McMinnville, OR—Nine high school football players were hospitalized and 31 became sick during a football camp in McMinnville. Four players even had to undergo surgery as a result of participating in what the coach called “total immersion” camp, as reported by KGW.

Officials reported on Friday, August 20, 2010, that the number of injured players grew from seven to 31 players.

The “total immersion” camp, which was conducted at the high school, required the football players to stay over night at the school’s campus, while attending three practices a day, including weight training. The new head football coach, Jeff Kearin was running the camp.

On Wednesday afternoon, numerous students began complaining of major swelling on their arms. The players were rushed to Willamette Valley Medical Center for treatment. Three of the players were reportedly suffering from compartment syndrome, which is a build up fluids combined with swelling. Four additional players may need to undergo surgery, but are currently being monitored around the clock.

By Thursday, 24 more students began feeling ill and were subsequently tested for high enzyme levels. Sixteen of the players were rushed to the hospital after showing high-risk levels. One player had to undergo surgery, and three others were admitted to the hospital.

The players stood by their coach by saying the workouts were not strenuous, and didn’t even compare to wrestling workouts. But the parents feel otherwise, “This ain’t the NFL, this ain’t college. Stop bringing theses college coaches in and pushing these kids so far. They’re still growing. They’re still kids. They just want to have fun,” said the parents of one injured player, Greg Cordie.

Officials are also concerned about other factors that may have caused the injuries. There is apparently no regulation on the use of protein powders or shakes.

The school district is considering if they should cover the medical expenses or not. In addition, they are also considering whether the coaching staff should be disciplined.

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