Virginia Beach VA Family Files Notice of Claim With City After Fatal Accident

08/20/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Virginia Beach, VA—The family of a homeless man who was crushed to death by a garbage truck two months ago is demanding answers as to how the accident really occurred. The family filed a notice of claim with Virginia Beach, maintaining a lawsuit will come next if the city fails to act in response to the notion, according to a Friday, August 20, 2010 WAVY report.

Reports stated 52-year-old Michael Knockett was relaxing in a chair on the beach when the unthinkable occurred. City driver Heather Boyd was operating a garbage truck when she allegedly failed to notice Knockett on the beach. The dump truck consequently ran Knockett over, ostensibly killing him on impact.

“[He was] lounging in a chair, with a bright blue blanket and a white fisherman’s hat. Clearly obvious to anyone who might have been paying the smallest amount of attention,” the family’s attorney contended.

The lawyer went on to question, “If she wasn’t distracted otherwise, why did she do this? Why did she run over this man in a 9 ton truck and crush him to death on this beach.”

After the fatal June garbage truck accident occurred, the city of Virginia Beach reportedly released a statement alleging Knockett was situated behind a trash can in a “depressed area of the beach.”

However, a tourist reportedly took a photo of Knockett just before the accident occurred. The picture proved Knockett was sitting upright in a chair prior to the deadly accident. Virginia Beach officials subsequently corrected their initial statement.

The family’s attorney alleged the notice of claim “is Virginia Beach’s chance – the city of Virginia Beach – to formally rectify this matter before we have to file suit.”

The lawyer claimed Virginia Beach’s preliminary investigation was based on false details and that the city has withheld vital information concerning the accident.

The case continues.

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