Bay Area Workplace Injury Attorney News: Violent LA Gas Explosion Kills 1

08/20/2010 // San Francisco, CA, USA // Mary Alexander // San Francisco workplace injury attorney Mary Alexander

Los Angeles, CA (Bay Area Workplace Injury Attorney News)—A Los Angeles business’ botched attempt at rerouting a gas line after the company fell behind on payments proved deadly Friday, July 30, 2010, when a gas explosion was detonated inside the industrial building. The violent blast destroyed the building and resulted in one unfortunate fatality. The force of the gas explosion also reportedly hurled another worker across the street, leaving him in critical condition. Fire personnel on the scene initially believed that man’s injuries had proven fatal, given that he did not have a heart beat. However, medical professionals at an area hospital later revived him, according to information provided by the Associated Press.

Southern California Gas Co. spokesperson Dennis Lord reported the natural gas supply flowing to the metalworking business, J.L. Spray, was disengaged Thursday, after the company failed to pay their bills on time. In an attempt to keep the business running, someone apparently “rerouted a pipe around the meter and a regulator designed to reduce gas pressure to safe levels.” The tampering seemingly triggered the gas explosion that quickly engulfed the metalworking facility in flames. According to 20-year-old welder Jonathan Apol, who works at a business in close proximity to the obliterated building, “It sounded like a plane had crashed in there… It was like a bang, and then two seconds later, two more bangs.”

The horrific explosion shattered the windows of cars and some neighboring businesses, all the while sending debris consisting of pieces of melting asphalt rooftop and broken floor tiles onto the street. An unidentified man was ejected from the building and onto the road as well. He was rushed to an unspecified hospital with critical injuries. Additionally, fire Capt. Stephen Ruda reported another man attempted to move his stake-bed truck away from the burning building but was instead fatally electrocuted after a 34,500-volt power line fell on his vehicle. Worker Daniel Ibarra, 27, was taking out the trash when the gas explosion occurred. Ibarra, whose hair was singed in the blast, stated, “I was very lucky.” Investigations continue.

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