PA Work-Related Accident: Sewickley Water Plant worker killed, 4 injured

PA Work-Related Accident: Sewickley Water Plant worker killed, 4 injured


07/30/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Personal Injury Lawyers News // Nicole Howley

Pittsburgh, PA—An unknown gas is the likely cause of the death of a Sewickley Wastewater Treatment Plant worker, which also injured three others as they tried to help the worker. The fatal workplace accident occurred on Thursday, July 28, 2010 around 1 p.m., in Sewickley, as reported by WPXI.

According to officials, Jack Hogan, 31, of Baden, was working in a 30-foot hole, when he tried to climb out and fell backwards back into the hole. Hogan then radioed for help after feeling faint.

The plant supervisor, Dennis Mike; an inspector for the borough’s engineering firm; and a construction worker responded to the call for help. All three were overcome by the unknown fumes.

One of the rescuers, Shawn Haynes, of Bentleyville, said, “As soon as I got down in there, I tapped one of the other guys that came down on the back, said I wasn’t feeling so well and that’s all I remember. They said I dropped like a ton of bricks.”

Another man, Franklin Pounds Jr., 42, of New Castle, was seriously injured when he went into the hole with the other two men to rescue Hogan. Pound’s father said, “My son and an inspector and another gentleman went down to help him, and my son was overcome by gas and fell about 20 feet. The other two gentlemen were overcome, and they landed on top of him. Right now, I haven’t seen him, but they think he broke his leg, some ribs, and they have him on oxygen.”

All four victims were rushed to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment. Haynes was released from the hospital that night. Hogan was pronounced dead.

When emergency crews arrived at the scene they did detect a small amount of methane gas. The medical examiner is currently trying to determine if the methane gas led to the injuries and fatality.

A Sewickley firefighter also sustained a minor injury during the rescue effort.

A full investigation is underway.

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