New York City Accident Lawyer News: Officer Charged in Brooklyn Hit-and-Run

07/30/2010 // New York , NY, USA // Jonathan C. Reiter // Jonathan C. Reiter – New York City Accident Lawyer

(New York City Accident Lawyer News)—While surveillance cameras managed to capture a disorderly encounter between a New York City police officer and the cyclist he hit on June 14, 2010, the NYPD officer pleaded not guilty to charges filed in connection with the accident. The accused officer and his partner were subsequently suspended without pay, pending further investigation into the unruly Brooklyn traffic crash. Nonetheless, the driving NYPD officer was charged Tuesday, July 20, 2010, with assault and reckless driving. The deputy was also indicted for fleeing the scene of an accident involving injury, according to information provided by the New York Times.

Reports indicated NYPD Officer Louis Ramos and his partner Officer Paris Anderson were traveling the wrong way on Brooklyn’s Jay Street when Officer Ramos ran a red light. Though the police car’s flashing lights and sirens were on at the time, the officer went on to strike a cyclist at Sands Street. NYPD officers Ramos and Anderson climbed out of their patrol car, quickly hauling the injured victim to the curb. According to Brooklyn district attorney Charles J. Hynes, the officers apparently handed the hurt bicyclist a tissue and left the scene, without ever reporting the incident or calling for an ambulance to help the crash victim. The unidentified cyclist was eventually taken to Long Island College Hospital to be treated for non life-threatening injuries, including bumps and bruises, as well as a broken wrist. He has since been released from the medical center. While it was not specified if Officer Anderson faced charges in association with the negligent hit-and-run accident, the case continues.

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