Northeast Injury News: Washington Teen Falls 200-Feet Off Cliff and Lives

07/29/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Portland, OR—A Spanaway, Wash. teen had a few angels watching over him when he plummeted over a 200-foot cliff, onto jagged rocks below and lived to tell about it. The 17-year-old was with some friend while exploring the cliffs near Ilwaco, Wash., when he slipped on some grass and fell, as reported by KATU.

The teen, Christian Booth, talked to reporters from his bedside while recovering at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland.

While Booth and his two friends where looking for an adventure, they got more than they bargained for. “We looked over the edge and saw a cave and said that would be cool to go down to the cave,” said Booth. But as he slowly climbed down to explore the cave, Booth’s foot slipped, casing him to slid on his side and rear-end down the cliff as he desperately tried to grab onto anything that would stop him.

“I was just really, really scared (and) trying to grab bits of grass… Once I hit the air, I was like, ‘game over,’” Booth explained.

Booth then hit the rocks and immediately blacked out. He later woke up confused, covered with blood and suffering from broken bones. The U.S. Coast Guard rescued Booth from the rocks and rushed him to the hospital.

Rescuers reportedly rappelled down the side of the cliff to retrieve him, and then flew in helicopter to transport him to the hospital.

Booth says the rescuers “really helped him on the rocks by praying with him and holding him as if they were his own parents.”

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