San Mateo CA Verdict: Caltrans Ordered to Pay $12.2M to Brain-Damaged Pedestrian

San Mateo CA Verdict: Caltrans Ordered to Pay $12.2M to Brain-Damaged Pedestrian


07/19/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

San Mateo County, CA— A now-comatose woman, who was hit in a crosswalk notorious for pedestrian-related accidents, was awarded $12.2 million by a San Mateo County jury. Caltrans and the driver who hit the woman were ordered to pay the multi-million dollar settlement in one lump sum to the Millbrae girl, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News.

On July 1, the jury decided that the driver who hit the woman and Caltrans are responsible for the March 2006 wreck. Emily Liou, then 17, was walking across the crosswalk near Ludeman Lane in Millbrae in the early evening hours when she was hit in the sixth of the seven lanes of traffic. She was reportedly headed home after singing karaoke with friends. Liou was hit at around 20-35 mph, causing to hit her head on the hard pavement. The now 21-year-old was left with permanent brain injuries.

Liou’s attorney argued that the crosswalk his client was using is dangerous due to the small rise it sits on, which makes it hard for motorists to see pedestrians walking across the road.

There has been a reported three fatal accidents involving pedestrians in that same crosswalk since 1991.

Liou’s attorney argued, “Caltrans created the problem. They have not done a thing to (improve) this intersection.”

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