WA Motorcycle Crash: Fatal Wreck at Spokane County Raceway Killed Biker

07/22/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Spokane, WA- A motorcycle crash during an event at the Spokane County Raceway left a 27-year-old Seattle man dead. The fatal crash occurred on Sunday, July 18, 2010, as the motorcyclists lost control on the ninth turn of the track, reports The Seattle Times.

The deceased motorcyclist was identified as Khalil Mohmed, according to the Spokane Medical Examiner. Mohmed died as a result of a skull fracture and blunt impact to the head.

The Washington Motorcycle Road Association reportedly rented the Airway Heights facility, which is owned by Spokane County, for racing events that stretched for two days.

Cindy Gibbs, general manager for Raceway Investments, who oversees the track, reported that Mohmed lost control of his motorcycle in turn nine of the course. He was reportedly still breathing when he was rushed from the track to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Emergency crews at the scene and Airway Heights Fire Officials transported the victim.

“We are very saddened about what happened. There is an inherent risk that all drivers take when they race,” Gibbs said. “They understand this risk… It is part of racing and it never gets any easier.”

Police officials were not alerted of the accident, in which Spokane police believe was because the tracks new management weren’t aware that they needed to. The Sheriff’s Office is required to investigate all deaths that happened in the county outside of healthcare facilities to record all circumstances surrounding the death.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Detective Dave Thornburg said, “Nobody is in trouble… but if there is a death or a serious injury with the likelihood of death, we need to be notified.”

Since the evidence of the crash is now long gone, there will be no investigation.

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