Houston Injury: Campaign sign accident causes U.S. Rep’s wife to loose eye

07/13/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Houston, TX—United States Representative Gene Green’s wife lost her eye after an apparent accident with one of her husband’s campaign signs. Last week, Helen Green was reportedly moving signs in her husband’s office in Greenspoint when a large sign fell on her, reports Click 2 Houston.

Helen Green, 62, was reportedly rushed by responding emergency crews to Memorial Hermann Hospital for treatment to her left eye. Over the course of several days, doctors operated on her left eye three times. On Friday, doctors decided during surgery that her eye was damaged beyond repair and removed it.

Gene Green stated, “It was just an unfortunate accident. She received great treatment and Memorial Hermann id a fantastic job, but the injury was so bad it couldn’t be repaired.”

It was not reported exactly how the sign injured Helen’s eye, or what the nature of the injuries were.

Helen is now at home recovering.

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