Memphis Pit Bull Attack: Vicious Dog Attack left 1 Dead, 3 Injured

Memphis Pit Bull Attack: Vicious Dog Attack left 1 Dead, 3 Injured


07/21/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Memphis, TN– A pit bull attack killed one man and injured at least three others on Tuesday, July 20, 2010. The dog attack took place around noon in the 200 block of Manassas, which caused an elderly man to go into cardiac arrest as the dog bit down on him, reports My Fox Memphis.

William Parker, 71, was reportedly on his way home from the store, when two black and brown pit bulls attacked Parker in a vacant lot directly across from where the owner of the dogs lives.

The dogs also bit Parker’s 25-year-old daughter, Gardenia, as she tried to save her father. In addition, a paramedic and a fire lieutenant were attacked by the same vicious dogs while at the scene. Fire Lt. Ray Pelletier was bitten on the lower leg, while paramedic Ken Hartfield was bitten on the abdomen and lower leg. Gardenia, Pelletier and Hartfield were all taken to the hospital for treatment of their bite wounds. Gardenia was reportedly in critical condition.

Parker was rushed to the hospital as well, but sadly, he died after arriving.

The dogs were captured by animal control officers. The owner of the dogs reportedly was in trouble over the weekend for other alleged dog attacks involving the pit bulls. On the previous Sunday, the dogs also allegedly bit two people.

According to Memphis laws, it is required that dangerous or vicious animals be kept confined on a leash and muzzle, in an outdoor pen or kennel, or indoors.

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