Orlando FL SUV Accident: Frat Brothers Credited For Crash Victims Survival

07/20/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Orlando, FL—Four fraternity brothers were credited with saving a man’s life after he and his family became involved in a violent single-vehicle wreck. The accident occurred north of Gainesville during harsh weather conditions, according to a Monday, July 19, 2010 Click Orlando report.

According to information provided, four University of Central Florida students were driving in the pouring rain when they astonishingly noticed the break lights of a sport utility vehicle that had crashed into a tree moments before.

The four Kappa Sigma brothers quickly jumped out of the car they were occupying to help those involved in the SUV accident. UCF senior Erik Diaz stated, “We opened the door and everyone was screaming… It was bad.”

Donna Ascott had been driving her SUV when she lost control on an unspecified rain-slicked roadway, subsequently sending the vehicle careening into a tree. The impact was devastating, particularly for her husband Melvin Ascott, whose arm was severed during the crash.

A couple of the UCF students helped retrieve the couple’s daughter and granddaughter, both backseat passengers, and placed them in their car to personally transport them to an area hospital.

Meanwhile, UCF junior Nick Pena began tending to Melvin Ascott’s serious injury, pending the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel.

“I went around the car again… On the man’s arm, I tied the belt around and pulled as hard as I could in an attempt to stop the bleeding,” Pena said.

When that method failed to staunch the bleeding, Pena sought out help from another vehicle that had stopped near the accident scene. Pena was then able to retrieve a screwdriver from the car and put what he learned in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps to use.

“I used a T-shit and a screwdriver to make a tourniquet on the man’s arm… It stopped bleeding from what I could tell – almost all the way,” Pena added.

According to a very thankful Donna Ascott, “These four guys – angels – came out of nowhere and opened the door… It’s amazing that these young men knew how to do this.”

The Ascott’s are reportedly waiting for a hospital bed to open up in their hometown in Canada, as they were seemingly visiting Florida at the time.

Also, while Melvin Ascott will apparently need to undergo at least one more operation before he can move onto rehab, doctors attributed his survival to the frat brothers’ heroic deeds.

Nonetheless, UCF senior Joshua Frost said, “A hero is so much more… This is just one thing that we did right that anybody else who drove in front of us could have done right. We just did it, and that’s what matters.”

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