Passengers Shaken After Maggots Found on Charlotte-Bound U.S. Airways Flight

Passengers Shaken After Maggots Found on Charlotte-Bound U.S. Airways Flight


07/02/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Atlanta, GA—A Charlotte-bound plane was forced to turn around after a passenger brought a maggot-infested container of meat onboard, leaving the jet’s occupants disturbed and disgusted. The troubling incident occurred on a U.S. Airways flight Monday, June 28, 2010, according to information provided by the New York Daily News.

Reports indicated an unidentified passenger brought a contaminated container of meat in his/her carry-on bag for unknown reasons.

However, as the plane was taxiing at the Atlanta airport, that passenger’s carry-on bag fell from the overhead bin. A plethora of maggots consequently spilled, causing alarm amongst the aircraft’s passengers.

According to passenger Donna Adamo, “I heard the word ‘maggot’ and that kind of got everyone creeped out… All of a sudden, I felt somebody flick the back of my hair and on the front of me came a maggot, which I flicked off me.”

“I felt like they were crawling all over me because it only takes one maggot to upset your world… And as they’re telling us to stay calm and seated, I see a maggot looking back at me and I’m thinking, ‘These are anaerobic, flesh-eating larvae that the flight attendants don’t have to sit with,’” Adamo added.

The unnerving incident, described as a “minor emergency onboard,” prompted the pilot to turn the jet around and head back to the gate. Passengers were then instructed to exit the plane temporarily so crews could clean up the potentially hazardous mess.

With the exclusion of the passenger who carried the contaminated meat onboard, all passengers reboarded the plane. Only this time, they were relieved to find it free of maggots. The individual responsible for bringing the bugs onboard was reportedly placed on a different flight after the episode.

While the occurrence had the potential to pose serious health risks to passengers and crew members, it was not specified whether a formal investigation was underway.

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