Fort Meyers FL Police Officer Injured After Crashing Into Semi During Chase

07/01/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Fort Meyers, FL—An officer from the Fort Meyers Police Department (FMPD) suffered injuries when he was involved in a Wednesday morning, June 30, 2010 collision with a semi-truck. The wreck occurred as the officer attempted to stop a suspicious car in an area where there had been recent reports of robberies, according to information provided by NBC 2.

Reports indicated a Fort Meyers police deputy had just received word of burglaries near State Road 82 (SR 82) and Ortiz Avenue. Upon responding to the area, the officer reportedly noticed a questionable white Buick lurking in the vicinity.

However, the driver of Buick fled the scene when the police attempted to pull him/her over. The officer apparently followed the vehicle until the chase took a dangerous turn.

The police car reportedly smashed into a tractor-trailer on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Ortiz Avenue. The unidentified deputy was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. It was not stated whether the driver of the 18-wheeler sustained any injuries in the collision.

The Buick, on the other hand, was discovered soon after. According to FMPD Lt. Jay Rodriguez, “The driver sustained some injuries and significant damage to the windshield, blood everywhere, and there is signs of burglary tools, crowbars, and screwdrivers, so we’re going to investigate that.” Nonetheless, police are still on the look out for the missing suspect.

Investigations continue.

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