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03/27/2010 // Sarasota, Florida, USA // GetMeJustice // David Shapiro

Orlando, FL (Tampa personal injury lawyer News)— On Thursday, April 1, 2010 a grieving and understandably upset mother and father could be heard tearfully screaming, “They killed my son” after their 9-year-old son was tragically hit and killed by a Disney bus. The St. Petersburg family was enjoying a family vacation at Disney’s Fort Wilderness when the 9-year-old boy was killed while riding his bicycle with another girl on Big Pine Drive sometime around 1:35 p.m., according to WESH and The Palm Beach Post news coverage.

Leading Florida personal injury attorney, David Shapiro of the law offices of Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni & Walsh, reports the family of Chase Brubaker is claiming Disney is at fault for the bus accident. The Brubakers accuse the bus driver of jumping the curb and onto the sidewalk where the kids were riding their bikes. Chase, the only child of Kelly Brubaker, 50 and Dick Brubaker, 56, was riding his bike with another 11-year-old girl on a sidewalk just hours after arriving at the popular campgrounds. Kelly Brubaker remembers how Chase gleefully said, “This is the best day ever. This is my best vacation,” as they arrived. Full of excitement, Chase and his friend took off on their bikes to explore the campgrounds. As they were riding, Chase looked behind him and inadvertently veered into the path of the oncoming Disney bus. He was then subsequently pulled under the bus and under the right rear tire. Chase was pronounced dead at the scene by responding medical teams, as his distraught family looked on.

The Brubakers and the girl riding with Chase dispute the Florida Highway Patrol’s (FHP) findings, although witnesses sided with the FHP’s report. They both maintain the bus jumped onto the sidewalk and struck Chase. A well-worn strip of grass is all that separates the road from the sidewalk, an indication that other vehicles have crossed over the grass many times before. FHP officials assert the physical evidence at the scene and the witnesses’ statements backed up the claims that the boy veered into the road and into the side of the bus.

The driver of the bus, David Rich, 56, a 30-year employee of Disney’s transportation department, is currently under investigation by police officials. It has yet to be determined if he saw Chase prior to the crash and if he will be charged.

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