Copyright Infringement: Music producers sue Limewire for file-sharing service

06/21/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

New York, NY—Eight music producers with the National Music Publishers’ Association have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against LimeWire, an Internet file-sharing service. The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit Wednesday, June 16, 2010, in the Southern District Court in Manhattan, as reported by The New York Times.

A federal judge’s ruling on a similar case last month found that the file-sharing company and its creator, Mark Gorton, were liable for copyright infringement. The newest lawsuit was filed because most publishers were not represented in the previous lawsuit and the National Music Publishers’ Association feels confident that they have a winning case.

The chief executive of the publishers’ association, David Israelite said, “We’re looking more than cessation of infringement, we’re looking for damages for all of the infringement done over the years.”

LimeWire claims that they are in the process of starting a new paid subscription model, and that “it welcomed the publishers to the table.”

The plaintiffs include four of the major publishers (EMI, Sony/ATV, Universal and Warner/Chappell), and four independents (Bug, MPL, Peermusic and the Richmond Organization).

The lawsuit is seeking $150,000 for each song distributed on the service illegally. This could bring damages that reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

The record companies also filed a motion this month to shut the file-sharing service down.

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