FL Medical Insurance News: Teenage TBI victim denied rehab after crash at PBIR

06/17/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

West Palm Beach, FL—An insurance company’s denial of rehabilitation services for a teenage traumatic brain injury (TBI) victim has caused the 18-year-old to go without the care he needs. The teen was involved in a crash at the Palm Beach International Raceway last Christmas, when his parents gave him permission to race his Corvette, which they had given him for his 16th birthday, as reported by WPBF.

Casey Bicknell, 18, slammed his sports car into a wall during his first lap at the track, which left him with a TBI.

The wreck has caused Bicknell to undergo several surgeries, including one operation to remove of section of his skull. He has since been at the rehabilitation center. Bicknell currently cannot communicate or walk.

Bicknell has now been forced to go home after their insurance company has denied coverage for his rehab stay. The insurance company believes the treatment he would be getting wouldn’t improve his condition. Bicknell’s family cannot afford the $1,200 a day it would cost for him to receive the rehabilitation treatment he desperately needs.

Bicknell’s family and doctor’s disagree with the insurance company’s decision. They believe his condition can improve with the help of skilled care.

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