Dearborn MI Med Mal: Lawsuit claims doctor misdiagnosed kids for financial gain

Dearborn MI Med Mal: Lawsuit claims doctor misdiagnosed kids for financial gain


06/17/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Dearborn, MI—A Detroit-area hospital and a doctor were named as defendants in a lawsuit, which alleges hundreds of children were wrongfully diagnosed with epilepsy. The suit, which is pending in Wayne County Circuit Court, was filed on behalf of seven young victims, according to information provided by the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, June 15, 2010.

The medical malpractice lawsuit contends Dr. Yasser Awaad misdiagnosed countless youngsters with a neurological disorder that they did not have. Many of the victims were allegedly prescribed potent medication for their supposed epilepsy.

The suit alleged the doctor performed different procedures, such as implanting seizure-controlling devices in the brains of several patients, for his own financial gain. In 2005, Oakwood Hospital paid Dr. Awaad $600,692.

Oakwood Hospital was named in the lawsuit based on accusations that the medical center failed to supervise the doctor, even after other MDs made their suspicions of Awaad and his practices known. Awaad moved to Saudi Arabia in 2007.

“We have no reason to believe Dr. Awaad’s care and treatment resulted in any harm or injury during his tenure with Oakwood… The diagnosis and treatment of seizure disorders for each patient is based on an individualized basis and we intend to vigorously defend any cases that may result from these claims,” Oakwood said in the statement.

In one instance, 9-year-old Brian Guy was falsely diagnosed with epilepsy at only three years of age. Dr. Awaad prescribed him strong medicine for the fabricated ailment, which consequently made him weak. Guy also reportedly suffered memory issues from the medication.

In 2007, another doctor determined Guy did not have epilepsy. “(He) told us we shouldn’t have any more kids because our other children would end up with epilepsy… We were just devastated,” said 28-year-old Angel Guy, Brian’s mother.

Reports also indicated that when the plaintiffs’ lawyers looked at CDs of brain test readings of the children, they found them to be normal. Awaad’s medical records of the youngsters, on the other hand, showed them to be abnormal.

While Judge Daphne Means Curtis recommended both sides attempt to settle the lawsuit, the case is ongoing.

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