Muncie IN Personal Injury: Teen overcome by noxious fumes dies 2 weeks later

Muncie IN Personal Injury: Teen overcome by noxious fumes dies 2 weeks later


06/09/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Muncie, IN—The last person to remain hospitalized after being overcome by noxious fumes has succumbed to his injuries. The victim was pronounced dead Tuesday, June 8, 2010, two weeks after the fume event occurred in the 5000 block of East Continental Avenue, according to information provided by

On May 26, an off-duty plumber was working in a 10-foot dry well pit when fumes from muriatic acid overcame him. Justin Benson, 19, rushed to the well to help the plumber, also his fiancé’s father, but was also overcome by the fumes.

Two Liberty Township Volunteer Fire Department firefighters attempted to rescue the plumber, 40-year-old Eric Dalton, as well as Benson, when they were too overcome by the toxic fumes. The firefighters were identified as Brian Buck and Rick Compton Sr.

By the time additional emergency personnel arrived at the scene to rescue all four men, Dalton had already succumbed to the deadly fumes. The remaining men were transported to Ball Memorial Hospital.

While Buck and Compton have since then been released, Benson was placed on a respirator until his unfortunate demise. “He had been struggling for days. There’s no real surprises… It’s a very sad situation,” said Delaware County Coroner James Clevenger Jr.

Benson is survived by his fiancé, Hannah Dalton. Family members noted that the couple recently found out Hanna was expecting their first child.

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