San Diego Paragliding Accident: Paraglider hits mountain, falls 1500 feet

06/14/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

San Diego, CA—A paraglider fell 1500 feet to his death when his parasail apparently collapsed, causing him to loose control. About 3:20 p.m., rescue teams were dispatched to a remote area near Otay Lake Road near Jamul, where they had difficulties locating the victim, as reported by KSWB.

David Victor Ogison, 31, of Ferus, Ontario was paragliding over treacherous ravines in a remote area when his parasail collapsed, causing him to loose control and plummet 1500 feet into the ravine.

Friends of Ogison said he was ground launching from the mountain top, which is when a paraglider will run off the side of a mountain in order to take-off.

Workers at SkyDive San Diego witnessed the horrifying accident. “We noticed the paraglider at the top of the mountain to the north of us flying down, and some of the worker noticed he hit the side of the mountain.”

Rescue teams found the victim thirty minutes after arriving at the scene. When they arrived they couldn’t see the victim from where they were at, making the recovery processes more difficult.

When Cal Fire teams located Ogison, he was already dead.

A full investigation is underway.

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