New York City NY Divorce Mediation Lawyers: Is divorce looming for Kendra and Hank?

New York City NY Divorce Mediation Lawyers: Is divorce looming for Kendra and Hank?



New York, NY (News)-Reality TV star, and former girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson, and her NFL husband, Hank Baskett, are reportedly on the rocks following the surfacing of a sex tape, or sex tapes, featuring the Playboy model. Baskett has apparently had enough after discovering that a sex tape, featuring his wife with multiple partners, exists and is about to be released for the world to see, as reported by the Associated Content.

Kendra and Hank, who were married over a year ago and have a five-month-old baby together, may be reaching the end of their seemingly “happy” marriage. Inside sources claim that Baskett is “humiliated and furious” about the sex tapes, including the fact that Kendra previously tried to sell the tapes.

Although Kendra is trying to prevent Vivid Video from releasing the tapes, Hank cannot get over her involvement in the videos. While there has been no official announcement of an upcoming split or divorce, it is expected to be publicly announced in the upcoming days or weeks.

With so much of their personal lives out there for the world to see, it would be wise for Hank and Kendra to seek out divorce mediation to protect their young son in the event that they decide to divorce. Because Kendra and Hank are celebrities, it is likely the media storm following the announcement of a divorce will be intense, adding un-needed stress and scrutiny to the troubled couple. Divorce mediation provides a way to reach a settlement, custody agreement and other arrangements behind closed doors without it becoming public knowledge. Only when the settlements are reached will the divorce mediator, who is also an attorney, file the paperwork, making the split public knowledge. Kendra and Hank wont have to worry about making those hard decisions with the scrutiny of the media at their doors. By the time the media has found out about the divorce, all the decisions will have been made.

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