Intellectual Property Lawsuit: Hulk Hogan dukes it out with Post Foods

06/01/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Tampa, FL—Terry Bollea, or more widely known as wrestling champion Hulk Hogan, has filed lawsuit against Post Foods for using his likeness for a television ad without his permission. The Hulkster filed the lawsuit in Tampa District Court, which alleges misappropriation of name and likeness and false endorsement, as reported by The New York Times and ABC News.

In the Cocoa Pebbles commercial, which was for the “Flintstones”-themed cereal, a character known as “Hulk Boulder” with long blond hair and a blond Fu Manchu mustache, much like that of Hulk Hogan’s, takes part in a “Cocoa Smashdown” against other “Flintstones” characters. “Hulk Boulder” defeats both Fred and Barney during the wrestling match and then pulls a bowl of cereal from his championship belt. As he starts to eat the cereal, he is ambushed by Bam-Bam.

Hulk’s lawsuit contends, “Hulk Boulder is shown humiliated and cracked into pieces with broken teeth, with the closing banner ‘Little Pieces…BIG TASTE!'”

The lawsuit adds that Hulk wrestled under the name “Hulk Boulder” in the late 1970s, before taking on his new name as Hulk Hogan.

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