Jury Verdict in New York Construction Accident

05/20/2010 // White Plains, New York, USA // Calano & Culhane // New York construction accident lawyer – Thomas A. Culhane, Esq.

A Bronx jury recently awarded over $12,000,000 to a worker injured in a New York construction accident. He was injured when a piece of scaffold fell and struck him on the lower back. The construction worker suffered a herniated disc and underwent surgery to remove a portion of the disc. Even after surgery the worker was unable to return to work and experienced constant pain. In the case the defendants alleged that the worker suffered the injury prior to the incident in question. The jury decided this was not the case and found the defendants liable for pain and suffering as well as lost wages and benefits.

Construction work is inherently dangerous. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, workers in construction incurred the most fatalities of any industry in the private sector in 2008. Although there was a decrease in total construction accidents fatalities in 2009, safety in the workplace is of continuing concern.

If you, or a loved one, have sustained injuries as a result of an accident on a New York construction site it is very important to contact a New York construction accident lawyer to protect your rights. There are special laws designed to protect the health and safety of construction workers. Owners and contractors re bound by these laws and are required to maintain a safe workplace. The New York construction accident lawyers at Calano & Culhane are experts in the area of construction accidents.

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