Salt Lake City Train Accident: Fatal TRAX train-car crash brings lawsuit

Salt Lake City Train Accident: Fatal TRAX train-car crash brings lawsuit


05/27/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Salt Lake City, UT— A lawsuit has been filed in connection with the fatal TRAX train crash, which killed two Kentucky Fried Chicken management trainees. The fatal crash, which killed a total of two people, occurred on March 11, 2010, as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune.

Alex Amundson had three passengers in the car, which he borrowed from his dad, Bryon Amundson, of Birdseye, when he tried to cross the railroad tracks as the flashing railroad crossing arm was lowering. As the car was maneuvering around the crossing arms, the oncoming TRAX train struck the car. Alex Amundson, 21, and Donald Callison, 18, were killed in the wreck. Two other passengers in the vehicle, identified as Kristine Velasquez, 18, and Jeremy Wright were critically injured.

Velasquez’s family filed the lawsuit on May 25, 2010, which names Bryon Amundson and Alex’s employer.

The lawsuit contends that Bryon allowed his son to use his car despite Alex’s “bad driving record and tendency…to disobey traffic regulations.”

The group of people were reportedly management trainee employees for KFC. The day of the collision, the group was driving to numerous KFC restaurants across Salt Lake County to observe operations.

The lawsuit asserts that Velasquez was “seriously and permanently injured” in the crash.

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