Marble City AR workplace fatality: U.S. Lime worker sucked in vacuum, crushed

05/26/2010 // WPB, FL, USA // Nicole Howley // Nicole Howley

Fort Smith, AR—A U.S. Lime Company employee was killed when he was sucked into a vacuum machine, which crushed him to death. The worker was killed Monday, May 24, 2010 around 4 p.m., as he was performing repairs on the piece of machinery at the U.S. Lime Plant in Marble City, as reported by 4029TV.

Officials reported that the 60-year-old worker was working with a crew who were repairing the vacuum rolling grinder. Somehow the vacuum turned on, sucking him into the machine. The unidentified worker’s body then became trapped in the machine.

The Sallisaw Fire Department Rescue Team and Sequoyah County deputies rushed to the scene where they worked for three hours to free the man’s body from the vacuum.

Officers believe the worker died instantly when he was sucked into the machine. His body has since been sent to the Oklahoma State Crime Lab in Tulsa.

The Oklahoma Mining Commission are trying to determine how the machine was activated while repairs were being performed on it. The Mine Safety and Health Administration are also looking into the fatal accident.

The deceased employee reportedly worked for U.S. Lime for 30 years.

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